Specialist Assessments

Cognitive assessments measure an individual’s abilities. It gives general information relative to other students the same age. The tests show how well a learner problem solves, how he/she best interprets information, (visual, auditory etc.), and measures other areas of cognitive processing such as memory and speed of processing.

Each assessment is different, but often the scales can focus on verbal ability, non-verbal ability, spatial skills, phonological skills, areas of memory, visual perceptual skills and processing speed in various tasks. Attainments in literacy & numeracy are also given to provide updated scores in reading, spelling, writing, and mathematics.

These assessments can help identify areas where learners may fall behind their peers and the detailed report also includes professional recommendations based on that individual’s needs to support their progress and learning. It will assist with the planning of appropriate intervention and support, this includes Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments.

Often these assessments may support applications for statutory assessment that could lead to a Statement of SEN, (or the equivalent due in Wales in the future). We do not provide legal advice though can refer families to expert Education Law solicitors if this route is desired. We also host regular successful SEN Seminars with an Expert Educational Law firm who provide free advice for parents on their ‘SEN Rights as parents’.

A cognitive assessment may give you peace of mind, the clarity you need and an improved chance of educational success for your child

Affordable , Efficient & Professional Service

Affordable with a range of payment options and plans to suit your budget. High-quality reports usually completed within 21 working days

BPS Registered Assessor

Our Specialist Assessor is registered with the RTQU – British Psychological Society with extensive experience in Educational & Psychometric Testing

Assessments for a Range of Purposes

Assessments can be completed for a range of different purposes ranging from highlighting literacy difficulties, Access Arrangements & Reasonable Adjustments, within the Education Law Legal System, public sector, University and many more

From age 7 to Adults

Children from aged 7 upwards can have a full detailed cognitive assessment, secondary aged pupils, university students, and adults. These assessments are up to 4 hours and can be split into two, 2-hour sessions or full morning or afternoon. Flexibility and choice, weekdays or evenings to suit you.

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